How This Program Compares To Standard Retirement Funds

Jan 4, 2022

The retirement fund with A&M Futures is extremely more beneficial than traditional plans/programs such as 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) and traditional IRAs. While 401(k), 403(b), 457(b) plans. Both A&M Futures’ retirement plans and traditional plans offer tax-deferred options for growing your funds and an employee match. However, the most important difference is that the traditional plans/programs DO NOT protect your employees’ funds when the stock market has corrections – downturns. This can be extremely detrimental, especially if your employee is close to retirement. Remember all of those individuals who lost so much of their retirement savings in 2002 and 2008 (approximately a 50% and another 37% loss). Most of these people were not able to retire at that point.

Another big difference is access to your retirement money. With the traditional plans, there is no access to the retirement fund without having to pay a 10% penalty if they are below the age of 59 ½ years old. Remember taxes will also be paid along with the penalty.

With these traditional programs the likelihood of having your Social Security taxed is very real. Why? With traditional plans, when you pull your money out, it is defined by the IRS as “provisional income” and therefore taxable. 50% of your Social Security Benefits is also considered “provisional income.” So, if you add up any income you have coming in during retirement – including what you are receiving from your traditional retirement fund plus 50% of your Social Security benefits and it equals more than $44,000 a year (if you are married and only $34,000 if you are single) up to 85% of your Social Security benefit will be taxed. The strategies used by A&M Futures’ retirement program are not taxable and therefore will not adversely affect your Social Security benefits.

Traditional retirement plans have specific contribution limits and compliance fees that A&M Futures’ retirement program does not have and contributions are flexible.

With a typical employer benefit plan, you would not qualify for benefits if you become chronically ill, terminally ill or critically ill or injured. Usually, employer benefits offered to you end when you leave your place of employment – changing employers or retiring. Our benefits that you qualify for are available while you are employed and stay with you in retirement. A big bonus is your retirement funds are tax-free compared to others that will be taxed in retirement. Companies incorporating A&M Futures’ program are better able to hire quality people who are looking for amazing benefits including their retirement funds.

Our strategies provide a unique offering which makes your company more inviting to quality employees. We also know that this program helps companies attract and retain quality employees that provide financial security and peace of mind – Solutions for a Better Way to Prepare for Life’s “What Ifs” and MILESTONES.

In summary, A&M Futures’ program is a solution for a better way to (i) attract and retain quality employees, (ii) lower your company’s benefit costs and (iii) grow your business. We do this by providing a unique benefit offering that assists in a time of need by providing tax-free funds and providing tax-free retirement income while letting employees know that working with your company, they will have financial security and peace of mind for their future. These employees are now your best recruiters which allows you to have high quality employees and grow your business.