As the owner of a small business, it can be daunting to figure out affordable benefits for our employees. With Group Health Insurance being completely out of our budget, I really didn’t know what other options were available. Betty Pecha with A&M Futures has been a huge blessing! She provided us with a flexible program that covers the “what ifs” and milestones for our employees. I was able to set the budget of what I could contribute for each employee which is tremendously helpful. And each employee has a say in how much they contribute as well. There are very few programs customizable to both the employer and employee. Betty’s customer service rocks and you can feel how much she cares. I highly recommend her and her company for finding benefits that will help you attract and retain quality employees!

Tina Smith

E3 Cryo & Wellness

A&M Futures’ solutions for a better way to prepare you for life’s “what ifs” and milestones.”

My wife came home from work and told me about this company that was offering an alternative to a 401K for a retirement package and thought we should look into it. We set up a meeting and had a nice first impression. They explained the different options for us in easy-to-understand layman terms that made us feel comfortable. After listening and discussing with my wife we decided that we would move from a traditional well-known company because it was not protecting our money from the downturns in the market. With A&M Futures our money is protected and we will not lose money. To date we have moved our insurance policies as well as 401Ks and retirement funds. We also picked up policies for our three children. These policies will help them in the future for tax-free college tuition and more. It is great to have peace of mind not only for something that my children can use in their futures, but also gives some security to our assets should we become ill or worse.

Shawn & Danna Swies

“I was injured in-the-line-of-duty. I was shot in the face which caused severe damage to my jaw, tongue, and throat. I had surgery with a tracheotomy to repair the damage and was hospitalized for two weeks. I was not able to return to work for several months.

I remember when my wife received the first workman’s comp. check. It was not nearly enough to pay our bills and she didn’t know if she should pay the house payment or buy food for our kids. I was forced to use sick leave to make up the difference in pay.

I know that if I was participating in A&M Futures’ program at the time, we would have had options to cover the unforeseen extra expenses. I strongly encourage my fellow officers to invest in a retirement supplement plan, because your pension alone will not be enough.”

Sgt. Glass

A&M Futures was invaluable in assisting us with giving our employees peace of mind. Their product combines so many amazing benefits – retirement savings, long term care, chronic illness and life insurance – into one affordable product. In today’s economy employee retention is so important and Betty’s company allowed us to give our employees something no one else can offer.
Olson Insurance Agency

“Betty has an amazing program and our employees are thrilled to have coverage for long term care, emergencies and retirement! Thanks Betty you’re wonderful!”


“Betty is a professional who really knows her product and can explain it to you in terms you can understand. she answers your concerns and questions and has no issues with you contacting her after hours”
Craig Curry

“She explained everything to us so well and her business is beneficial for those of us who are concerned about having funds to supplement their retirement. She comes highly recommended by my wife and I. “
Bill Robertson